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Re: Newbie wants to join

At 10:45 AM 5/23/01 +0200, you wrote:

Hi Falko,

I'm glad my suggestion was received favorably. So I'm ready to start, and 
willing to manage that doc project. Could someone set up the environment 
for me (CVS)? I've looked for style-book on xml.apache.org; not there... 
Where can I get it?

Also, should we set up a plan, I mean, in what order the different subjects 
could be treated? I think it would be better to start with the core 
functionnality, and then move on. My goal is to provide a really complete 
doc, something that will allow someone like me to grasp the whole 
architecture. The pedagogy would go as this: explanations, definitions, UML 
diagram if required, and then code excerpts from the corresponding Ozone 
source. Is this too much?

So how do we start?


>On Tue, 22 May 2001, yduchesne wrote:
> > Hi Falko,
> >
> > I have kept an eye on Ozone for the last few months. My interest in OODBMS
> > was ignited by my work with Gemstone (we use the latter at my job). I like
> > the concepts behind Ozone and I would like to familiarize myself with the
> > whole thing, before I start contributing code. Since I have absolutely no
> > experience in DBMS design & development (I use them as a tool allright, 
> but
> > I do not actually develop them...), I think the  best way to start 
> would be
> > to thoroughly explore the sources and try making sense from them - I have
> > done this partly, already. I would be willing to share my learning with
> > other Ozone wannabees by writing documentation about the whole
> > architecture. I suggest to create an Ozone Documentation Project - such as
> > the one of ZOPE (see zope.org).
>Great idea!
> > Would you - or someone else who can do it -
> > be so kind as to guide me through the process? This could be done the
> > following way:
> >
> > - I look at the sources to grasp as much information as I can
> > - I provide you with a list of questions
> > - I write a draft wich I submit to you
> > - you correct/annotate the draft
> > - I proceed to the appropriate modifications
> > - The result is integrated as part of the Ozone Documentation Project,
> > available online.
> >
> > Of course the whole process would be iterative; I could start exploring 
> the
> > core packages, then go to the others (xml, etc).
>Well, all this sounds great. But we need a way to organize the work. Currently
>the ozone-db.org site is generated out of TeX files that are in CVS. TeX 
>is not
>that future prove. ;) Using CVS could be a good idea. I propose the following:
>- XML/stylebook to write the docs
>- we make a new CVS module for that and initialize the stylebook 
>(Lars could you do that?)
>- we need maintainer(s) for the ozone documentation project; Yanick? Per?
>- at first the maintainer(s) should propose and document the workflow (Yanick
>has done this above already)
>- converting the current docs
>- having fun
> >
> > The end result could be a comphrehensive documentation of Ozone's inner
> > workings, easing things up for other developers like me who want to get
> > involved; it would also be very useful for people  who are considering
> > Ozone for their project, but who in the end do not pick it because they
> > don't feel they have sufficient information about it. I believe the major
> > flaw of open-source projects is the lack of such documentation. Don't you
> > all agree that a doc project could be useful?
>perfectly! ;)
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