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Re: Newbie wants to join

> Well, all this sounds great. But we need a way to organize the work.
> the ozone-db.org site is generated out of TeX files that are in CVS. TeX
is not
> that future prove. ;) Using CVS could be a good idea. I propose the
> - XML/stylebook to write the docs

I think that is a good idea.
I see three different types of documentation - one user oriented, one
configuration/administration oriented and one developer oriented.

The first one could have things like an expansion of the current tutorial,
more thourogh FAQ, common problems and maybe a bigger sample application
(EJB has their petstore maybe we could have something bigger like that that
shows much of the power of Ozone.

The second one could have a installation guide, a configuration guide,
discussions about optimization, user administration , and security.

The third one could have a better Hacking Howto and more explanations and
reasons behind design choices as well as pointers to the TODO document etc.

> - we make a new CVS module for that and initialize the stylebook
> (Lars could you do that?)
> - we need maintainer(s) for the ozone documentation project; Yanick? Per?
> Others?

Sure, I volunteer for that.

> - at first the maintainer(s) should propose and document the workflow
> has done this above already)
> - converting the current docs
> - having fun

Best regards,