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Re: Newbie wants to join

Per Nyfelt wrote:
> Great,
> I propose we start with the following:
> 1. Agree on and figure out what tools to use for documentation ( i do not
> know about XML/StyleBook where do we find it Falko?)
> 2. Put up a quick howto on how we do documentation (what tools and where to
> find them, what list to post to user or dev etc)
> 3. Convert the current TeX doc into <whatever format>
> 4. Rearrange the doc into modules for user, admin/config and developer
> 5. Map out need for new areas and put stuff in along with your questions
> Yanick as you go through it as you planned
> Best regards,
> Per
I have experimented with the docbook xml toolchain so I can comment if
Falko agrees that docbook is a good approach. I do have a working system
on my system so I could at least help with setting up the CVS.

Let me know - I'll volunteer to work on perhaps the User guide.