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Re: Newbie wants to join

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Per Nyfelt wrote:
> Great,
> I propose we start with the following:
> 1. Agree on and figure out what tools to use for documentation ( i do not
> know about XML/StyleBook where do we find it Falko?)
I'm not sure if there is an "official" release anwhere anyhow. We will setup the
CVS with all the needed things in there.

StyleBook consists of DocBook DTDs along with corresponding XSL stylisheets and
Xalan/Xerces environment to generate HTML (and PDF?) out of it.

Unfortunately Lars, the guy who maintains the CVS and knows more about
StyleBook than me, is not available right now. He will be back monday. If
anybody is really crazy about that, then I will try to setup the CVS module. If
nobody is going to work on it over the weekend anyway, then I would like to
wait until monday.

Eric, what is your DocBook environment? Could we use this out of the box?

CVS commit accounts will be available monday at the earliest in any case.

> 2. Put up a quick howto on how we do documentation (what tools and where to
> find them, what list to post to user or dev etc)
> 3. Convert the current TeX doc into <whatever format>
> 4. Rearrange the doc into modules for user, admin/config and developer
> 5. Map out need for new areas and put stuff in along with your questions
> Yanick as you go through it as you planned

Ok, it seems that we need to setup a minimal environment in the CVS as the next
step so that we all can play with it and have something to discuss about. So
please send your comments on my ideas above.

I think these things are better discussed in the ozone-dev list. So please
reply there!

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