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Re: Newbie wants to join

> I'm not sure if there is an "official" release anwhere anyhow. We will
setup the
> CVS with all the needed things in there.
> StyleBook consists of DocBook DTDs along with corresponding XSL
stylisheets and
> Xalan/Xerces environment to generate HTML (and PDF?) out of it.
Oh, i see. i know about DocBook - they use for the documentation on the
JBoss project and are very happy with it from what I've heard. Sounds like a
good choice.

> Unfortunately Lars, the guy who maintains the CVS and knows more about
> StyleBook than me, is not available right now. He will be back monday. If
> anybody is really crazy about that, then I will try to setup the CVS
module. If
> nobody is going to work on it over the weekend anyway, then I would like
> wait until monday.

Yes, lets wait until Monday. I was gonna do another stab at our support for
XML:DB this weekend anyway.

> CVS commit accounts will be available monday at the earliest in any case.


> > 2. Put up a quick howto on how we do documentation (what tools and where
> > find them, what list to post to user or dev etc)
> > 3. Convert the current TeX doc into <whatever format>
> > 4. Rearrange the doc into modules for user, admin/config and developer
> > 5. Map out need for new areas and put stuff in along with your questions
> > Yanick as you go through it as you planned
> Ok, it seems that we need to setup a minimal environment in the CVS as the
> step so that we all can play with it and have something to discuss about.
> please send your comments on my ideas above.

Sounds good: first CVS, then tools to produce docs (StyleBook), then start
producing new stuff as well as converting old.

> I think these things are better discussed in the ozone-dev list. So please
> reply there!
OK, makes sense, dev it is.

Best regards,