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Re: Upgrading ozone applications

Am Wednesday 30 May 2001 09:42 am schrieben Sie:
> Ok, that sounds pretty useful.
> Has it been tried for more advanced refactoring schemes than just adding
> and removing fields.

No, none of the points below. And I guess it wouldn't work, since you may get
two objects where one is expected. What happens with references to object 
Cv1 ? Does they point after loading to Cv2 or B or what ? Those references 
have to be splitted too. At the moment I've got no idea how to handle this.

> Say that an object C in version 1 has been split into two objects: C
> version 2 and B.
> How would one handle that ?
> Or worse that objects C1 and B1 has been put in to one single big object A2
> ?

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