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XQL query with namespace



I have faces with some difficulties with the xml query.

Suppose I have an XML file like this :

<tp:DocExchange tp:docExchangeId="N06">
   <tp:ebXMLBinding tp:version="0.98b">
    <tp:ReliableMessaging tp:deliverySemantics="OnceAndOnlyOnce" tp:idempotency="true" tp:messageOrderSemantics="Guaranteed">


To get the value of the Retries element, the xql string would be something like this:


But when I tried, I couldn't get the result.

For another try, the xql string "//DocExchange[@tp:docExchangeId='N06']//Retries" caused an NotSerializableException.

However, when I tried the same syntax "//DocExchange[@docExchangeId='N06']//Retries"

to an xml file which does not have the namespace prefix, I could get the text value of  5.

Is ozone not support xql with namespaces, or is it me making a mistake?

Please help me..


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