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RE: Prowler vs. Jetspeed [was: Prowler-Pre-Release]

thanks for your comparison between Infozone/Prowler and Jetspeed. And *sorry*
for the long delay. We were totally busy with setting up the new Infozone site.
We had to do this as quickly as possible to create a single source of
information about Infozone. Now the site is up and I hope you will help us by
contributing your knowledge about Cocoon/Jetspeed and maybe other things.

[comparison Jetspeed/Infozone]
Yes, Prowler, the CMS component of Infozone, deals with 'local' resources like
XML repositories or EJB servers rather than newsfeeds or things like that.
However, although is in pre-alpha stage, Prowler already includes a mail Content
Adapter that allows to integrate the content of a mail server or mailboxes. In
the architecture diagram of Infozone
(http://infozone-group.org/infozone_main.html) Jetspeed is shown as a possible
front-end of Infozone. Do you think this makes sense?


On Thu, 18 May 2000, Neeme Praks wrote:
> I'll post this also to Jetspeed list, then others can correct me if I'm
> mistaken about something concerning Jetspeed.
> The thread started in Ozone users list, who is interested, you can check
> the previous messages in the archive:
> http://www.ozone-db.org/ozone-list/05-2000/threads.html
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Falko Braeutigam [mailto:falko@softwarebuero.de]
> > Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2000 9:52 AM
> > 
> > I didn't really check Jetspeed but their web site says that 
> > "Jetspeed attempts
> > to consume information from multiple resources on the 
> > Internet and helps the
> > user manage large amounts of data. This information can come 
> > from multiple
> > content types..." To me this seemed to be comparable to the 
> > Prowler purpose.
> > 
> > It seems that you are more familiar with Jetspeed, Neeme. So 
> > what are the
> > differences between Jetspeed and Prowler?
> well, I'm not a Jetspeed expert either, but I'll give my thoughts on the
> difference between these two projects.
> >From one side, Jetspeed is about retrieving content from the internet
> and presenting this to the user in a concise, "portal-like" way. For
> example, Jetspeed uses RSS to get various kinds of newsfeeds all over
> the Internet (currently ~1700 RSS sources?). Then the user can subscribe
> to the news he/she likes the most and can access this information on
> Jetspeed portal page.
> On a more general level, Jetspeed is just a framework for building
> portals: you can develop you own applications or "portlets" in Jetspeed
> terminology that the users can subscribe to. These "portlets" are
> presented in like small "windows" in your browser. Jetspeed takes care
> of the "window-management", user subscription information management,
> etc. So the developer can concentrate on developing these small
> "portlets" that snap into the Jetspeed environment.
> These portlets can be whatever kind of applications: 
> * they can be RSS portlets, as presented above
> * they can be Cocoon applications, like XSP portlets
> * they can be simple Java classes
> * etc... plug in your favorite development technology here (and write
> the wrapper for Jetspeed :-)
> Now Prowler. As I understood, Prowler is an API for accessing different
> kinds of "local" resources like "ozoneXML, simple file store, maybe
> others" and "mail server, EJB server, SQL, whatever". And as I
> understood, you have developed an XSP taglib for this API; so, it can be
> used to develop XSP portlets in Jetspeed.
> This is what I mean by using Jetspeed with Prowler, not instead of
> Prowler.
> Actually, Prowler and OzoneXML could be used in Jetspeed also, as there
> was some time ago a discussion, were should the user information and
> portlet registry be stored. Right now the choice was plain file system
> for the sake of simplicity, but I think Ozone XML repository would be
> much more appropriate for this. So, Prowler could be used to access
> either the file system or any other data source without worrying where
> the data is actually stored. Abstracting Jetspeed from the specifics of
> the medium of storage. I'm not familiar with Prowler that much, I might
> just as well be dreaming ;-)
> Of course, this brings up the question, should there be yet another
> product bundled with Jetspeed?
> Neeme
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