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Re: prowler demo. Edit properities -> NP-Exception

Gerd Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> > time with this, because I think you already fixed this. Can I get a diff
> > or new version soon?
> >
> > I want to have a working prowler as soon as possible, so that I can see
> > how to an Adapter to a RDBMS
> > could work. OK, I can look at the sources, too, but it would be nice to
> > see it working too.
> See the attachment for the patch.

With prowler0.2 you released version 1.4 of ProwlerConfigDialog.java.
But you sent the diff for version 1.5. The file doesn't compile
if I apply that patch. 
Can you sent my the whole file, please?

Thomas Guettler <guettli@interface-business.de>