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Re: Question related to multi-users

error message is :

InvokeServer: connection established (user: incad)
warning: Transaction: ta(-95) aborting... (org.ozoneDB.core.PermissionError: Read
not allowed for this user.)
InvokeServer: connection closed (user: incad)

This error I am getting when I am trying to save objects or to restore objects
from ozone server where already another user has stored some objects.

What's happening is that, whoever is the user,  if he is the first one
to save to database( after installing fresh), he will be able to save/restore
object, but any
user trying second will be not able to do so.

In the above case user "mmh" had saved some objects in the database,
so user "incad" not able to do any transaction now. But if user "incad"
starts the transaction first after installing ozone fresh, he can save/restore
the objects. ( For your information "mmh" and "incad" users has been added always
to users list  and they are the same name as there login-id )

thanks & regards,

Falko Braeutigam wrote:

> Do you have any sample code and/or stack trace or at least an error message for
> us?

> On Wed, 07 Jun 2000, Mahesh Halyal wrote:
> > Hello ,
> >
> > When I save objects on to ozone database as
> > a user say "usr1" using appication X. And later run the same application
> >
> > X, as "usr2" and connects to the same ozone database, I am unable to
> > save/restore
> > the objects. But as a "usr1" still I am able to save/restore objects
> >
> > What's the problem  and how to overcome this. ( I have added
> > list of users to ozone server using ozoneAdmin )
> >
> > I want to save/restore from the single database, but connecting to the
> > database
> > as different user.
> >
> > Can anyone help me ?
> Falko
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