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Charles, thanks for the info.

On Thu, 08 Jun 2000, Charles Benett wrote:
> Ozonies,
> FYI. There's an article on Java Data Objects and both relational and
> object-oriented databases at www.javareport.com. Looks like some
> commercial OODBMS vendors are involved. Any ideas how ozone will react/
> fit in?
I'm not yet sure. What do the others think?

We have to check the actual API of JDO to find out 
0. If anybody needs ozone/JDO?
1. If we are able to support JDO with ozone.
2. If yes, do we loose some of special benefits of the ozone architecture.
3. If we are able to provide a fast JDO implementation on top of ozone.

To answer these questions we have to discuss many points. One of them is that
JDO supports a query language and IMO every query lang othen than the
underlaying programming lang (Java in our case) permits us to reach the
goal of closing the impedance mismatch between app and database logic. 

Other ideas?

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