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> The most important advantage of a standard is that it is a
> "standard". Giving
> something a name is not enough. Am I wrong here? ;)

Very, very true. This is why I'm excited about it. I just hope the spec gets
adapted and is easy to use.

> Anyway, from what I have seen of JDO it doesn't look that OODBMS
> centric. What
> especially prevents a RDBMS mapping tool like Castor to implement JDO?

Here is a comment for Arkin on JDO.

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> I'll be talking to Sun during JavaOne but I can't promise anything.
> Basically Castor and JSR-12 attempt to do the same thing, but while
> Castor is more RDBMS centric, JSR-12 is too OODBMS centric. That means
> some minor conflicts and incompatibilites in the API. If we can sort
> them out in a future version of JSR-12 then we can certainly make Castor
> compatible with it.
> arkin