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RE: Problems setting up ozone on w2k

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, David Copeland wrote:
> I switched back to Sun JDK 1.2. The IllegalArgumentException problem does
> not happen under JDK 1.2. I did notice that OPP often hangs during a java
> compile when using -ks with JDK 1.2 with Windows 2000.
That's crazy. I see this under jdk1.3 (IBM) but not jdk1.2(Sun) on Linux. I
checked this but wasn't able to figure out what's going on. -ks forces OPP to
not execute the following lines:

       File file = new File (proxyFileName);
       if (!file.delete ())
          System.out.println ("Unable to delete the source file.");

I don't see why this forces some jdks to hang.

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