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Re: NT files

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Davide Mora wrote:
> > Davide, any news from the NT front? Are there any
> > patches that you want to be included?
> I did some test on how make the compile/run ozonone
> easier, at least under nt. I tell some of the changes
> i did. 
> I added the "build" directory in the ozone root, i
> moved ant.jar and build.xml in this new directory, and
> i wrote a build.bat batch. In this way, without define
> paths, variables etc, i can compile ozone.
Hmmm... why a new directory? Can't we do this just in the root of ozone?

> I changed also ozoneEnv.bat, was wrong, always add
> things in the evironment, and at the end, there was
> not free space. Now i test the existence of
> OZONE_HOME, if doesnt exist an error an error is
> displayed, if exist add all the required jars in the
> variable OZONE_CLASSPATH, used by all the other .bat
> files.
> This is for keep the global classpath detached from
> the ozone's one. I think it's a good idea, expecially
> if you have multiple version of jars.
Yes, okay.

> I think can be a good idea also rename the jars adding
> the version, example: xerces.jar -> xerces_1_0_3.jar.
No, this isn't a good idea. We have the jars in the CVS. If the version is
part of the name then we would have to delete and import every new version.

> I'm thinking also about create an "apps" directory,
> where we can move the jar of our persistent classes,
> in this way will be easier deploy the our
> applications, no need to change the classpath anymore.
Yes, but not needed right now.

> What do you think of this changes?
Send them to me and I will incorporate them.

> Davide
> ps: can i specify the "//update" in the .ocd file? 
Yes, just add WRITE lock level for the method.

	    <locklevel>WRITE</locklevel>		<--- "//update"

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