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Re: xml store

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From: Ann Tecklenburg <at@ingenuity-sw.com>
To: <dm@aspec.ru>
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: xml store


> > Is it possible to find documents with some value
> > of tag?
> >
> Yes, but you have to use an XSL processor to do it:
> XPath is currently the only standard way to search parts
> of an XML document.  XPath queries can be embedded in
> an XSL style sheet to both extract and format desired information
> from an XML document.
> Ozone's current development path is geared to make use of the
> Apache XML project for its XSL, XPath implementations against
> XML documents.
> I think the current release has some sample code on how to do
> this.

Yes. But this code is suitable only for already loaded document?
Or may be I don't understand something?

> Otherwise, Ozone has no query language at this time.

I don't used ozone yet. But if only way to get object is
find it by primary key, which is known before get,
I don't know any way to use ozone :((

I am looking for store which can do queries against
whole database and then return handles of 
documents. Do you plan something like this
in Ozone? 

Dmitry Melekhov