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Re: Ozone and XT

Eric van der Vlist wrote:

> The answer is definitely yes (I'll update our web site tomorrow in case
> someone wants to have a look).

I hope I am not not the only one left on this list :=)))

The example is available on our site :

It's showing how to close the loop !

The previous example
already shown how :

1) A XML document is processed through a XSLT sheet into an XML
preprocessed actions definition file.
2) The data is binded into a "complex" object (type Garage) with all its
3) The objects are XML aware and can be saved back into the a XML

This one is showing how :

4) These objects can be used in a XSLT sheet.
Even if not (yet) included in the example, they could also be processed
back directly into the XML preprocessed actions definition file allowing
to dump and restore objects stored in ozone.

The next thing I'll like to investigate is doing the same using XT as a
servlet and to do some performance testing.

I wonder if this architecture couldn't be optimized :

HTML browser
   | ^
   V |
Apache web server
   | ^
   V |
Jserv servlet
   | ^
   V |
ozone OODBMS

All being done through sockets (I've seen in previous posts that they
could be a bottleneck) by different OS processes...

I need to keep the apache web server (highly scalable and configurable
and I won't switch all the sites on my server at the same time).

I don't see how I can do without the servlet... thus my question :

Isn't it a way to run ozone and jserv in the same VM ?

I have seen that you've got remote and local databases classes.

If I was using a local database in a servlet, would if be run in a
separate thread and be accessible by different servlet threads handling
different requests ?

Thanks for your help (I hope I am not boring everyone with my multiple


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