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Problems while Storing xml in database

1)referring to my previous mail, I am storing data as xml documents is because.. ours is a document centric approach . we have all data from instruments as xml outputs and using appropriate stylesheets we render the xml into different output formats  for diiferent devices ...EXcel ,Word ,PDF ,WML using Publising engine. At the same time we have real time data logging from the instruments and real time display of the data from the xml files .
Does this sound Ok!!
what does ozoneproducer do?? can we use this producer in cocoon??
2)I installed ozone0.6 on NT .while trying to store XML in database . i got the following error stacktrace:
java.lang.nosuchMethodError at
org.ozoneDB.xml.util.XMLContainerHelperImpl.onCreate(:67) on the server side
on the Client side:
Please let me know about this ASAP
Thanx in advance,