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RE: Query language?

Title: RE: Query language?

        I was interested, however
I think ozone+prowler fits all of
my needs. From everything I've read
so far, the combo of XPath and XUpdate
should work for me.

I do think however, that a montly FAQ posting
like they used (might still) do
on sci.skeptic may make sense. This
question comes up something like every
other week, and _maybe_ posting the
FAQ every so often will decrease the
frequency with which this and other
questions are asked.


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> Subject: Re: Query language?
> On Wed, 07 Feb 2001, Erwin Selg wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > are there concrete plans for a query language (full OQL) now?
> Who else here on this list is interested in descriptive query
> system for ozone?
> For what kind of task would you use this. What are the actual
> requirements
> coming out of these use cases? Where do you see the
> advantages over RDBMS or
> other solutions?
> Falko
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