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Re: XPath queries

Yes... it does make sense :-)

Thank you Lars.


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From: Lars Martin <lars@smb-tec.com>
To: ozone-users@ozone-db.org
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 13:23:24 +0200
Subject: Re: XPath queries

> The current XML API of ozone is much rawer then the XML:DB API draft.
> It "only" supports single documents without (nested) collections
> support. The current implementation provides everything you need to
> store, retrieve, and query single documents. You can handle DOM and
> SAX input but no flat XML or binary content (e.g. unparsed entities).
> XML:DB API sits on top of ozone's XML API to extent this raw API to
> a full XML database API.
> I don't want to modify the current XML API, except for the addition
> of a persistent collection implementation. So the current API will
> be supported in the future.
> The current XML API can also act as the basis of other APIs /
> protocols
> like e.g. SOAP.
> Does this make sense? :-)
> Lars
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