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On Sat, 12 May 2001, A Khanna wrote:
> hi
> I had a look at available OODMBS but I having following troubles
> o How do we store values in a OODMBS
> o What is the use of methods  in a OODBMS
> o If we have an Employee class with attr. Sal and method raise salary
> the do we implement raise salary method in OODBMS or we implement it in
> application
> o If I want to add Employee Foo with sal 100000 then how do I add it in
> database. 
> What I think is that I will have to have a object in application adn a
> object in Database with same attr. and structures. Am I right in my
> assumptions

Please read the docs and see the samples that come with ozone. thanks.

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