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RE: Upgrading ozone applications

I guess that I could live with having to do an effort to get the upgrade
I was just wondering if somebody has solved this problem in some form ?

Does Ozone work with serialization in the background ?

I wonder if it would be possible to write a kind of a diff tool to work on
serialize files. Sort of hand the diff tool an object v1 and object v2 with
similar data in it. Let the diff tool serialize the objects and compare the
files, telling the differences between the formats. Version 2 of the diff
tool could then suggest different code parts that might upgrade from v1 to

It is a hard problem to solve, but there has to be someone who has done it.


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If i understand you correctly you are creating and storing objects during
one cycle and then in the next cycle redesigning the classes so that data is
held differently and the composition and inheritance structure changes but
you want to move the data from the old design to the new. AFAIK there is
currently no automagic support for this. You will have to write a conversion
program that takes you from one state to the other. If you have any ideas
how this could be automagically done by the server please let us know.
Schema evolution has been on the TODO list for a while.

Best regards,

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Subject: Upgrading ozone applications

> Hi,
> I have been looking at the ozone-db. It looks very interesting.
> I have one big problem though:
> Scenario:
> I have a flying fast development team working og our serverside
> That leaves us little or no time to map our object structure to old
> relational databases. All we need is an object storage.
> We are working on a long-term project (a standard CMS product). So we
> just settle for a DB-structure and tweak our objects. We want full freedom
> to refactor.
> If I use a relational database, I would know how to write SQL scripts that
> can upgrade data from one model to another. I have been there, done that
> (and it sucks).
> Problem:
> How would I solve this problem if I was using Ozone for storing my data ??
> Thanks
> /Lasse