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Re: Is Ozone ready for prodution environments?

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm evaluating a few ODBMS for use in a medium-traffic (we hope!)
> servlets/JSP web application.  Ozone is the only Open Source option I've
> found that looks promising.  However, the lack of backup/restore
> functionality and the 0.4 version level make me nervous.  

Current version is 0.6. For testing you really should use the current CVS
version it's more stable and much faster than 0.4. Besides, 0.6+ provides
XML backup facilities.

> Do you
> consider Ozone to be ready for "prime time"?  

This is for sure one of the most frequently asked questions ;) However,
what can I say? It works and runs stable for me. Nobody has been complaining
about stability for a long time. Besides, of course, usability highly depends on
the particular requirements of your application.

What are the experiences of the other ozone users?

> The other prime candidate
> is ObjectStore's PSE Pro.  Do you have any experience with or comments
> about this product?

Basically PSE and ozone provide similar functionality but they are based on
different architectures.  While PSE executes objects on the client side ozone
executes object on the server side. In contrast to PSE ozone is a full blown
multi user, multi client solution but can also be used in a PSE-like local
mode. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. IMO the best way to
find out is to make a prototype and test it with both products. Please keep us
posted about your findings!

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