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Re: XML sample, DocBook and Xerces

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Dongilli Paolo wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm working at the construction of a database of legal documents about
> ethnic minorities in Europe and I felt on the Seventh Heaven when I found
> OZONE. I want to use exclusively open-source software for this project.

> I downloaded and successfully installed the new version 0.61 this morning.
> I was playing with the samples and in particular with the XML Sample.
> The XML document I wanted to store is using the DocBook DTD.    
> When I tried to store the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe:
> [dongilli@verdi /usr/local/install/ozone/samples/XML] ojvm Client store
> framework.xml 
> I got the following error.
> -----------------------------
> SAX store: filename=framework.xml
> SAX store: new container time: 53 ms
> Exception in thread "main" org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Recursive
> reference "%dbnotn;". (Reference path:
> (top-level)-%dbhier;-%dbnotn;-%dbnotn;)
>         at
> org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLParser.reportError(XMLParser.java:1008)
> ...
> -------------------------------
> I replaced xerces.jar in $OZONE_HOME/bin with the one contained in the
> latest stable version of Xerces-J (1.3.0) found at
> http://xml.apache.org/dist/xerces-j/ and everything works fine now:
> ------------------------------------
> SAX store: filename=framework.xml
> SAX store: new container time: 53 ms
> SAX store: parse+store time: 3449 ms
> SAX store: commit time: 137 ms
> ------------------------------------
> A curiosity: what's the version of Xerces included in OZONE 0.61?

something like 1.1.3+

the ozone distribution package contains xerces just to allow to run the samples
and the admin tool without the need to download additional packages. The server
itself is completely independent from the XML parser. The XML parser only runs
on the client side of a ozone app. So you may use whatever XML parser you get
to compile and run whith your client code.

Because of some dependencies between ozone and Prowler I would like to stick
with the current xerces in the ozone CVS. Did other encounter problems in this

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