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Re: Building Ozone from the source distribution, strange NullPointerExceptions reported by several people

On Sat, 25 Apr 2020, Johann Romefort wrote:
> <snip>
> > > 1. Simplify the build process for windows users
> > > Yes, I know there is a build.bat included with the distribution but it
> > > should be in the root directory and it refers to openxml.jar which is
> not
> > > included with the distribution. Moreover, it doesn't build all the
> classes
> > > that make part of the binary distribution (OPP is not included for
> instance).
> > Ant, the Jakarta build tool, seems to be a good solution. I had no time to
> look
> > at it yet and Johann, a guy that is more familiar with it, started to make
> an
> > Ant build environment for ozone. Unfortunately right now he is probably
> busy
> > with his OpenSpaces project or other things. Johann, are you out there???
> I'm here yes :) I will try to come back to the Ant thing on tomorrow cause I
> think
> now it is time to have a Win distrib that compile properly. I'll keep you
> informed in
> the coming days. I'll try to recompile the last version of Ant from their
> CVS, and
> hopefully they will have corrected some bugs related to Jikes. Anyway, if I
> still
> have some troubles with Jikes, I'll do a Ant build with javac for the
> moment.

Thanks. For now the build.bat will help but it would be cool if we could
provide the Ant thing in one of the future releases, at least 1.0.

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