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RE: Runnning examples

Ok, by tracing down the ozoneAdmin script and .java program, in both windows
2000 and UWIN (unix command in windows), I have discovered a problem.

The command works under UWIN (and presumably all UNIX), but does not work
under windows 2000.

The reason is that the argument list removes the equal (=) and beaks up the
command line.

It looks like this under windows 2000:

_args.length: 5
i: 0<newuser>
i: 1<-name>
i: 2<jack9>
i: 3<-id>
i: 4<209>

but it looks like this under UWIN:

_args.length: 3
i: 0<newuser>
i: 1<-name=jack10>
i: 2<-id=210>

and here is a quick work around for windows users:
ozoneAdmin newuser "-name=jack11"  "-id=211"

this also works under UWIN (and presumably UNIX)

My suggested fix for this would be to alter the documentation and the list
of options that print from the ozoneAdmin command with no arguments.

For example, the ozoneAdmin with no arguments now shows (for new user):

newuser options:

alter it to say:

newuser options:

and at the top put:
	double quotes around the -name=value are mandatory for Windows systems.

If everyone is OK with this, I could fix it, except I would need to know how
to get the AdminClient.java program back into the CVS repository.


Rob Lapensee
Director of Technology
Delfour Corporation

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Subject: Re: Runnning examples

I started my database as
ozone -d\ozone\db. it went up and well. Next from seperate dos window i gave
the command,
ozoneAdmin newuser -name=deepak -d=200
It showed me the error as :(:
Unknow argument: -name
Unknow argument: deepak
Unknow argument: -id
Unknow argument: 200
Unable to create new user: IDs <100 are reserved by the system.
And also in the already started database window it showed me the error as;

[info] (976) InvokeServer: connection established...
[info] (785) InvokeServer: user logged in: abhay
[info] (785) InvokeServer: connection closed (user: abhay)
[info] (976) InvokeServer: connection established...
[info] (155) InvokeServer: user logged in: abhay
[warn] (155) Transaction: ta(104): uncaught exception:
agerExc: IDs <100 are reserved by the system.)
    org.ozoneDB.core.UserManagerExc: IDs <100 are reserved by the system.
        at org.ozoneDB.core.admin.AdminImpl.newUser(AdminImpl.java:78)
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
        at org.ozoneDB.core.Transaction.invokeObject(Transaction.java:512)
        at org.ozoneDB.core.DbRemote.DbInvoke.perform(DbInvoke.java:62)
        at org.ozoneDB.core.Transaction.performCommand(Transaction.java:273)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
[info] (155) InvokeServer: connection closed (user: abhay)

Kindly help me out.
Thanks and Regards,
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> On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 17:48:49 +0530
> "abhay" <abhay@reliablecorp.com> wrote:
> > I am a novice for ozone and just installed version 1.0 on my NT
> > Can anyone please help me out in installing the ozone .I have reached
till compilation part of ozone.
> > But beyond that when i go to create a new user it always gives the
> What error did you get? Any stacktrace? Error message? Additional info?
> > Secondly i tried to run the examples as in Install file , but they
simply dont work.
> > Kindly, help me out.
> > Thanks and regards,
> > Abhay
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