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Re: Cluster Size

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Roy Ladner wrote:
> Can anyone give any advice on configuring the config.properties cluster
> size, cluster space size and cluster size ratio?
> When I've tried to import a large data set into Ozone I've run into the
> problem of losing data (null values showing up after a commit).  When
> I've increased the cluster space size and cluster size, this problem
> stopped, but then there are times when the server simply shuts down - no
> error messages are given.  Should these numbers be set in relation to
> the size of the data set being imported into Ozone?

ozoneDB.wizardStore.clusterSize = 65536  -- the max size of each cluster

ozoneDB.wizardStore.clusterSizeRatio = 256  -- the expected size of each
object; helps the kernel to determine the size of newly created objects

The size of the data is not that important - more the size of the objects and
the  granularity of your problem in general. Clusters loaded or locked when one
object of the cluster is loaded or locked.

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