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Re: Serializing objects to and from XML documents.


Falko Braeutigam wrote:

> > It depends on the level of functionalities you want to accommodate...
> >
> > A simple mechanism where the programmer would define a specific
> > constructor which would manage all the attributes and handlers to manage
> > the sub elements would be quite straightforward to implement.
> Yes, this can be done quickly without changing any ozone core code. A
> better way would be a toDOM() (or maybe toSAX()) method instead of toXML().
> This would allow to directly access database content via standard XPATH
> or something. toDOM() is maybe a bit harder to implement but still a quick
> solution.
> For the general ozone XML mapping solution we need something like Sun's
> XML Data Binding. But IMO ozone XML mapping and XML Data Binding have different
> goals. While Sun tries to "automatically generate substantial portions of the
> Java platform code that processes XML data" - the ozone mapping will try to map
> *existing* database objects to XML/DOM (using a specified mapping) to allow
> querieng/processing via standard XML tools. At least in my current understanding
> this is the goal ;) Ideas?

I don't feel very comfortable using the DOM and I wonder if it wouldn't
be quite heavy...

What about transforming the XML document (using XSL) into kind of XML
pseudo statements easier to use by the java binding mechanism.

Has anyone experience to share in this direction ?

> > I am investigating "Quick" http://www.jxml.com/quick to see if it can be
> > used with ozone.
> Please, tell us about your experiences.

Sure !


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