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Re: Infozone

On Wed, 07 Jun 2000, Daniel Haischt wrote:
> > I know. Although I like simple BSD style licenses I explicitely decided to
> use
> > (L)GPL. The combination of LGPL for API packages and GPL for core packages
> > is meant to allow people to use Infozone without the need to put their
> code
> > under any special license *and* forces developers, especially companies,
> to
> > contribute their enhancements. Many companies are interested in the
> > Infozone thing. The most of them will just use it but the more they become
> > familiar with it the more they are able to modify/enhance it to meet their
> > needs. I don't see a reason why we shouldn't force them to contribute
> their
> > code. Is there any?
> if your project is well worth it they whould contribute their enhancement
> anyway.
Yes, that's probably true and I'm more and more in this opinion. On the other
hand, Infozone is just a framework. The integration of new data sources is
easy because there is a well defined API, the same with the front-ends. That
means a consulting company can benefit from the latest Prowler developement and
develop and use their own closed Content Adpaters and front-ends without to be
forced to give something back.

The story changes if we would be an Apache project. Then everybody wants to
contribute in order to be able to be an "Apache developer/contributer/whatever".

So the questions is, do we want to go to Apache? (provided that there is such an

> personaly i prefere bsd styled licenses. cause of their simplicity.
I agree.

> > > Also, I would like to ask you (note: just personal curiosity!) why you
> > > felt the need to create yet another open source group instead of merging
> > > efforts with us or the FSF.
> >
> > The are to many GNU projects. They all share the same license but that's
> all
> > about it.
> >
> > Just personal curiosity: do you think there is a chance to get Infozone
> under
> > the Apache umbrella? I was assuming that there is no such chance...
> ever thought of collaborating with the jetspeed project?
I'm not that familiar with Jetspeed. We checked it some time ago and
found that the goal of Jetspeed and Infozone are different - although both
claim to be EIP systems. I'm not sure if we can merge both projects. However,
where this makes sense integration should be as tight as possible.

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