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Re: Please Ignore my previous mail - reply for this

first of all, please send such questions to the mail list.

On Fri, 09 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> Now I am able to read the objects wriiten by other users,
> What I did is I cahnged the line :
>     ozsave = (ozoneSave)db.createObject (ozoneSaveImp.class.getName(), 0, partRepository);
> to
>     ozsave = (ozoneSave)db.createObject (ozoneSaveImp.class.getName(), 1, partRepository);
> But this change only allows me to read but not to write/update objects. How to write/update ?
> I tried to use "Database.allRead | Database.allWrite this in my code ( as given in cattel example )
> but I am getting compilation errors. ( variable allRead & allWrite not found )
> please help

Please read the javadoc API spec which is included in the package. The name the
access right constant variables are AllRead and AllLock.

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